Tuesday, August 23, 2011

September Gathering

We are planning another gathering in September. This time I have invited everyone to my house in Kalona. We plan to meet Monday evening September 12th at 5:30 p.m. Let's make it a potluck and everyone bring something to share. I will have the grill fired up if you would like to bring some type of meat. Our regular meeting place has closed, but we hope to meet in October at Capanna's new place just a few minutes north on 965 in North Liberty.

September 12th we plan to discuss Tony Jones' new e-book The Church is Flat: The Relational Ecclesiology of the Emerging Church Movement. This is his Ph.D. dissertation, so buckle up. Tony has agreed to join us by video conference. We are going to try and do the Google+ "hang out" group video chat. If you can't come to the gathering, but would like to join in from where ever you are search for me on goggle+ and add me to one of your circles. I will add you and make sure you know about the "hang out". If you are new to google+, email me and I will send you an invite and some info.

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