Thursday, July 23, 2009

Organic Church Network Interview: New Episode Half-Baked Thology

This episode is a real treat! I had a chance to sit down with Darrell MacLearn, Director of The Organic Church Network, via Skype. He got to kick back in his digs, a local coffee shop in a Dallas suburb, while I was on my back patio. We discuss the Organic Church, while getting to hear Darrell’s story of transformation from 4th gen Nazarene pastor to out of the box, church paradigm changer (or career suicide as he puts it). Darrell gives us his forecast for Christ’s Church, and shares some great resources for this innovative ministry. The music is One Last Mistake, from The Republic’s new album Kingdom of Noise.

You can watch the video at the Half-Baked Theology webpage or listen to the mp3 version here.