Monday, August 15, 2011

Cohort Meeting Wednesday!

This Wednesday, August 17th we will be gathering again for good coffee (fair trade of course), good conversation and good people. We will meet in the usual spot at the usual time. We plan to discuss Shane Claiborne's book, The Irresistible Revolution. I have to be honest, this guy is the real deal. Many of you remember we have had authors join us over Skype to discuss their books with us. I didn't even try to get him to join us this time. I would be too ashamed of my conspicuous consumption. The Holy Spirit really has been speaking to me through this guy.  I'll be interested how some others reacted to this book.

I found an interesting article he wrote for Esquire some time back that is making a comeback on many blogs recently. What is so interesting to me is how it seems to allude to Rob Bell's book Love Wins. The problem is that it was written in 2009. I wondered if Rob got some of his ideas from Shane...

I'm also eager to hear more from Deb about The Wild Goose Festival. She wrote in her blog that she first got the idea from Brian McLaren in one of our cohort Skype conversations. How cool is that? Hope to see you Wednesday :)  Lon

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Deborah Coble Wise said...

I'll be there - looking forward to the time of fellowship and conversation! (and a good cup of hot tea...)