Sunday, January 29, 2012

February Gathering

The cohort will be having it's February meeting on the 15th at noon at Tierra Coffee in Coralville. Our meeting will feature compelling conversation about Kathy Escobar's book, Down We Go: Living Into The Wild Ways of Jesus. Come on out. Invite your thirsty friends :)

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Chris Epting said...

Oops! I thought we were meeting on Feb.8 and will be visiting grandkids in Phoenix on the 15th, so will miss seeing you all. Must admit to a bit of a disappointment with Kathy's book "Down We Go." I mean I guess I'm glad another mega church evangelical has finally discovered that the gospel is about the poor but this is not exactly a new insight for some of us. I do appreciate the self-sacrificing way she and her husband have decided to live, but we've always had heroic examples of some who literally follow Jesus' command to "sell all that you have and give (yourself) to the poor." I'm more interested in how we can help everyday Christians grasp the social dimension of the gospel and help us change the world!