Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Our final morning's open discussion with the three presenters provided a fascinating opportunity to see three "philosophical" systems interact with, and challenge, one another. Colin Greene's articulate attempt to deconstruct from within much of Western philosophical thought as "intellectually neutral" is challenged by Musa Dube's concern that Western philosophers only "talk to themselves" without taking on board insights of, say, African sages and thinkers. Richard Twiss' Lakota patriarchal, warrior tradition which is just as comfortable calling God "Grandfather" as it is "Creator" or "Great Spirit" is critiqued by Musa's experience of feminist insights being so necessary. A very rich discussion indeed reminding us that, in all our "emergent discussion" having equal representation (rather than isolated "token representation") of such diverse and multicultural voices and perspectives is so important!
Next and final session will be a "where do we go from here" discussion about which I will post later.


Lon Marshall said...

Chris, I have so enjoyed reading your posts. Wish I could be there! Sounds very interesting. I will look forward to talking more in person with you at our next meeting.

Chris Epting said...

Great, Lon. It was a good conference. Only about 50 in attendance, but then they didn't have Jurgen Moltmann as a keynoter either! You might let the e-mail list of our fellow cohorters know that these postings are there. Not sure how many of them check the site regularly.