Monday, November 1, 2010

Emergent Village Theological Conference - EVTC #1

So, the titles will be EVTC #1, 2, 3...etc.

Emergent Village Theological Conference sessions 1, 2, 3, etc.

Richard Twiss, a Lakota Sioux, who now lives in the Pacific Northwest, began by blessing us with sage incense and having a member of his team dance a healing dance. This was followed by his summarizing his book "One Church, Many Tribes" and his ongoing experience of the American (and global) church marginalizing (and much worse) Native people.

He moved from rejecting his reservation upbringing, to re-discovering his heritage and hating white people, coming to faith in Christ through evangelical churches, walking away again from his heritage, to re-re-discovering his Native culture and integrating it into his faith.

The hope is, he will help us begin to lose our "need for innocence," the unfounded conviction that we have done nothing wrong to Native people. We need to understand our nation's, and our religion's, role in the cultural genocide of the original inhabitants of this land.

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