Saturday, July 3, 2010

2010 Emergent Village Theological Conversation

Hey gang,

Susanne and I just actually registered for the 2010 Emergent Village Theological Conversation in Atlanta November 1-3!

I'll be happy to bring back whatever insights/resources there are which might look promising. At the very least maybe we can have some dialogue about the topics here on our blog.

Even better, why don't some of you consider signing up as well. Check it out at the Emergent Village web site above.


Lon Marshall said...

Yes Chris, I'm seriously considering it. I enjoyed the Moltmann Conversation so much last year! The program looks very interesting this year.

Chris Epting said...

Great. If you go to the registration web site for this conference through Emergent Village (even if you don't register) they list three books, one by each of the three major presenters. We ordered them and are finding them fascinating...and challenging!