Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Resources for Continuing the Conversation


It's great that Emergent Village is resuming the podcast, especially with the Moltmann conversation. See www.emergentvillage.com/podcast. Maybe we can use this to fuel our own Eastern Iowa conversation.

I also just re-read "The Emergent Manifesto" of Hope edited by Tony Jones and Doug Pagitt. Fascinating collection of essays from "emergent thinkers and practitioners" from around the country. It's probably available on Amazon, and well worth the read!

Have a great summer, everybody!

Chris Epting


Katie Z. said...

lol, i just picked up the emergent manifesto of hope also! I haven't read it yet and hope to over the summer.

Chris Epting said...

Super...I really think you'll enjoy it. Lots of different voices, but all -- I think -- with a common commitment to mission!