Thursday, June 11, 2009

Half-Baked Theology Podcast debuts!

In this inaugural episode, Lon talks with Eric Lapp and Tim Stidham about the Emerging Nazarenes, the opposing Concerned Nazarenes, and the Unconcerned Nazarenes. Other topics include Pauline Christology, N.T. Wright's escatology and the new iPhone and software coming soon. The show is capped off with music from Derek Webb, This Too Shall Be Made Right. Check it out here.


Lon said...

Half-Baked Theology Website

Half-Baked Theology Podcast in iTunes

Tim Wirth said...

Hi Lon: Tim Wirth of Concerned Nazarenes and Concerned here.Interesting podcast. I believe though you misrepresented Pastor Thayer's Springfield church. Pastor Thayer church didnt really start the movement so to say but are part of it.
Pastor Thayer and his churches intent with their petition was just ask the General Supers to clarify their position on the Emergent Church.
Obviously Jesse and Jon Middendorf already have buy in to this movement and thats fine. Pastor Thayers petition just asked for clarification thats all. And they have been attacked for just asking for this clarification.
I would love to send you a copy of our DVD for your review.
Email me at for a copy Sincerely in Christ
Tim Wirth

Tim Wirth said...

PS enjoyed the music at the intro of the podcast