Thursday, December 18, 2008

Holiday musings

I have  no idea whether it is my turn to post a gain but since there aren't others clammoring to do so , I will .( what a run-on sentence).

First of all I want to  wish everyone a blessed holiday season. There are many occasions to gather with  friends, congregations, members of other faith traditions and our families( biological or  created).  As we venture what some  Christians celebrate as Advent we are reminded that it is a season of expectation- of waiting and watching. A season of  believing in those things whose form we may not be able to see.

Remember that throughout our faith traditions we are constantly told that things may not be as they seem through our earthly eyes. We are called to mystery, confusion and joy in equal parts throughout our lives.

My hope for the new year is that we can become more accountable to taking time out of our otherwise busy lives to post here as we are able.  I  would  like to see an honest open discussion of what we are called to  do with the  knowledge that the  message of our faiths is  alive in each one of us. We have the responsibility to make the changes we hope to see.

If we shake our heads and  fingers at the  institution that is only half of the battle- God provides us with  glimpses of Wisdom so we can do something about them- not only discuss them and preach to the  choir but to enter into a personal dialogue with what such information is  calling forth from the depths of our hearts and souls.

We are called to community- not  a self-protecting individual exegesis of what Wisdom might mean. There is  evil in the world( perhaps not where may think it is) but it not just individuals making bad choices. It is the collective actions that we as faith communities take or don't take. There are  collective sins  and the only way to respond to them is to collectively choose to  do things another way.

Enough Preaching

Peace and Grace

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