Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Meeting one week from today

Just a reminder that, in keeping with our now-regular schedule of holding meetings on the last Wednesday of every month, the Eastern Iowa Emergent Cohort will meet next from 6-7 p.m. next Wednesday, Feb. 27 at House of Aromas coffeehouse, 119 2nd St. in Coralville. A map may be found here.

Come share your story and meet others who are exploring the Christian faith with fresh eyes and open hearts and minds.


Lon said...

I'll be there Steve :)

Tim said...

Hello Folks,

This is Tim. I think I've figured this blogging thing out and hope to join the conversation. How did the meeting go last week?

Stephen said...

Hey, Tim, welcome! Glad you were able to get signed on. The meeting went well, though we'd like to drum up the numbers a bit. Three folks (including myself) attended, and I know of another person at my church who's interested but was unable to attend this past time. Please, feel free to add a blog post! If nothing else, I'd like to see the virtual Iowa emergent community stay alive.


thechurchgeek said...

Hi guys, for a while I had been thinking about starting an emergent cohort, but I see the works already been done.

I know of several presbyterian ministers (myself being one) who may be interested.

Do you mind if I pass the word around?

A great idea would be for everyone to get and read Tony Jones' new book and discuss it when the group gathers.

Have you put the word out on myspace, facebook, or any other such social networks??

Unfortunately wednesdays are not really the best day for me (choir and church meetings...) but maybe I can work out something for March 28th.

I blog at

Lon said...


Glad to get your response. You are just what we are looking for. We'd be glad to have you, and please put out the word! Our next meeting is Wednesday, March 26th (not the 28th which is Friday). We might be able to make it a little earlier if that would help. Anyway, Welcome.

Warmly, Lon