Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Great Awakening?

Justice in the BurbsHere's some good news that dares my heart to hope. Listen to Will and Lisa Samson, authors of Justice in the Burbs: Being the hands of Jesus wherever you live
We both grew up in good Christian homes. ... We figure, between the two of us, that we've heard about 4,000 sermons. ... We went to Christian schools, Christian college, Christian camps. We were involved in Scripture memory programs. And when did we memorize a verse about God's concern for the poor? [...]

And so one day we began to read Scripture with an open lens. One day we began to read Scripture for what was [really] there...

Oooh-hooo, that causes trouble. Watch them tell it:

Justice in the Burbs

Ah, the mercy of God! Day after day, I see American Christians awakening from a long sleep, suddenly aware that their Bibles tell of a Jesus whose incredible passion for justice shouts from every page, and they have not known it.

Many of us—I speak of myself—have not well followed this Jesus. We've followed instead the less troublesome, personal-salvation-obsessed, who's-our-enemy-now religion deduced from evangelical dogma and 20th-century eschatological novelties—and so startlingly absent from the Gospels. And now we scarcely know what to do when we look afresh at the breathtaking things Jesus says and does.

But something's up. There's a change in the air, I think. And I don't know that I've sensed anything quite like it before. These things are subjective; I certainly could be wrong.

But dare we wonder if it might be so, or what it means?

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nancy said...


Thanks for posting that video. As always, I resonate with your comments too. I've been repeating myself lately in various contexts, the theme - how to live a life of mercy and justice in my suburban middle-class educated safety bubble.

I'll have to check out the book. At this point, I know that I am looking for ways to walk humbly, live justly, and love mercifully ever where I find myself.

It feels so good to get past the personal salvation faith I've so long found myself in. Good stuff. thanks again!

Lon said...

I listened to these guys on the emergernt podcast awhile back. You can find it here. They have some thought provoking things to say. I agree with Nancy regarding the personal salvation faith point she made. And Monte, I am one of those that is waking up to things I had not considered before and I agree, things really are changing.

Amy said...

Good stuff.. really good stuff... thanks for sharing.