Thursday, August 23, 2007

You're invited to a Party!

I was listening to this Jesuit prayer podcast this morning. There was this cool african music that when translated was talking about the Kingdom of God and no more suffering or pain. Then the scripture text read was a parable Jesus told as recorded in the Gospel of Matthew. A King has a son that is getting married and none of the people the King invites, RSVP to the party.

Then, I remembered this video I saw recently where Brian Williams on NBC is interviewing Bono from U2 (you will need iTunes to download it and use the link). Bono is in Africa, and I will never forget what he says, "One thing we know for sure, God is with the poor."

So then I think to myself, "what if the Kingdom is God is with the poor?" What if I'm invited to the wedding party, and the party is in taking care of, being with the poor? How many times have I turned down the invitation? This hit me like a ton of bricks. Next month we will meet again, details forthcoming, and talk more about what on earth is emerging in the Kingdom of God. Until then, I will be watching for signs of it in a little bit different way.


Stephen said...

Great post, Lon! Thanks for sharing.


Monte said...

I've just been thinking something very similar, and very troubling! Preached on it some recently - I'd welcome your comments - Unrespectable Jesus